% of American teenagers who have drank alcohol



% of American teenagers who have used illicit drugs



% of all Americans addicted to illicit drugs or alcohol



Sources: drugabuse.gov

In a world where the average person is minimally exposed to the dark underworld of addiction, homelessness, prostitution, etc., our vision at Hope Uprising is to not only bring awareness to this very real issue, but to train people on how to reach out to those in need.

Hope Uprising Trains Individuals and Organizations Through:

Internship Opportunities –   In the fall of 2015, Hope Uprising will be launching a new internship which will be like no other.  Those who enroll will be given an opportunity, to not only experience real life street and homeless outreach, but also be trained to start their own large concert outreach events.

Going to the streets – Our team will provide, on the street training, either in Hope Uprising’s backyard of Charlotte, NC or by coming to the city or town of the individuals desiring to be trained.

Training Events – Amy and her team go to various events around the U.S. and world, teaching others how to most effectively reach those who are trapped and less fortunate, by giving practical tools that will help individuals reach their community.

Mentorship Opportunities – One-on-one training to be trained to start their own large concert outreach events. Our goal to see the next passionate generation of those who desire to see change come to the world be empowered to go and change their world!


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