Invasion is a free non-conventional event with the goal to reach the youth and young adults who are caught within the epidemic of substance abuse as well as other life controlling issues.
Invasion attracts its audience by centering the event on renowned musicians, extreme sports, and special guest speakers.  At Invasion there are powerful stories told from the stage by those who have overcome addiction themselves, a trained team to connect with those who desire change, and drug rehabilitation programs and counselors onsite for those who are interested in seeking professional help for their addictions. Throughout the event individuals can text in for help anonymously, each attendee also receives a pamphlet with recovery information if they decide to use it at a later time.
Following the event, there is a solid plan for follow-up which leads to community transformation which includes:
  1. Recovery- Volunteers are mobilized by taking individuals seeking treatment to the recovery home which best fits their needs utilizing the Hope Uprising Recovery Network.
  2. Transitional Living- Hope Uprising will work with community leaders to help establish a transitional living home for individuals who successfully complete recovery to integrate back into society.
  3. Education- Hope Uprising will work with local programs to provide free resources for individuals lacking in vital areas such as literacy, basic mathematics, GED, etc.
  4. Job Training and Placement- Hope Uprising will work with local businesses and business leaders to providing training and employment for individuals who successfully complete recovery.
  5. Support Groups- Hope Uprising will build relationships with existing support groups, as well as establish new support groups if needed.

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